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We Wantcha!

We need folks who wanna contribute. We are looking for open-minded folks who have a desire to change the world by pure junk ingenuity. As the leaders in pure junk ingenuity, we will provide services and activities regarding Hillbilly Engineering to the community. Motivated members will make this club possible and will contribute to a weak economy. Members will brainstorm ideas from survivalism to infrastructure and develop ways to steer away from blowing money on big business. We urge you to join and help make a change from the sticks.

The Benefits

As you can see on the benefits page, we don’t only drive folks wild, club members will learn the craft, socialize with others, advocate for fellow members, contribute to society and change the world. Members also get a ton of free stuff from our Hillbilly Engineering Mechandise Store and are granted one free item a month from the Pure Junk Store. Club members also receive a free copy of the Hillbilly Engineering Magazine quarterly. After all, it is the members that contribute most ideas to the magazine. If you like to compete and enjoy recognition, the Hillbilly Engineering club is for you!

After completing the form, please click here to pay the $50 yearly dues securely through PayPal.


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