Exchange & Support

Exchange your ideas with other Hillbilly Engineers to enhance your project. Perhaps you have a piece of junk laying around that you dont need but know it would be beneficial to another members project, give it to them as we would do the same for you.

Pure Junk Store

All club members recieve free stuff from our Pure Junk Store located in Ravenswood WV or our Online Pure Junk Store if it supports a Hillbilly Engineering project to provide us with research and development.

Whitewater Rafting

Every summer, members of the club are invited to spend a hot summer day enjoying whitewater rafting at 50% off.

10% off all Hillbilly Engineering Corp Products

Official Hillbilly Engineering Merchandise store


All members receive the following products each year:

  • Hillbilly Engineering Club T-shirt

  • Membership Card to access all benefits


Let us protect your idea or invention. We have a lawyer on board that is willing to protect you ideas from being taken by big business.

Hillbilly Engineering Magazine

The magazine from Hillbilly Engineering Corp is based primarily on Hillbilly Engineering Club members and their research.

Leadership & Teamwork

Want to enhance your leadership skills? Wanna be a team player? Join today!

Skills & Knowledge

So many skills are gained just by being a member. Skills from steam engines to welding could easily be aquired. We make an effort to recruit individuals with hard-to-find skills, knowledge and abilities.

Each year, club members are challenged at the Annual Hillbilly Engineering Lab/Camping trip in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. All expenses are paid for by the club. Previous challenges included building a trolley motor to power a small raft and the callenge this year was to build a pontoon boat from very limited resources. The challege next year is being planned to create a manned/unmanned submarine. Can the club do it?


One of our biggest values is to reward our members some rewards include:

  • Mod of the Month

  • Engineer of the Year

  • Certificate of Ingenuity

Earn the title of Master Hillbilly Engineer

No one to date has completed the phases of qualification, skills knowledge and ability to complete the Master Hillbilly Engineer certification. This program will train and test you in every faucet of Hillbilly Engineering. Will you pass the test?

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