Sustain those who will never have anything by providing leadership, guidance, knowledge, skill, and morale to implement the fundamentals of Hillbilly Engineering.


The Hillbilly Engineering Club was founded by Darin Cook during the process of turning the concept of Hillbilly Engineering into an organization. It wasn’t an official organization until January 1st, 2011. Became a an official trademark in 2011 by Trademarkia.


We remain in Phase 1: Forming until every position is filled.


We hope to have members from every crack and cranny of the Appalachian mountains and expand even further across Appalachia America.

The Creed

I am a Hillbilly Engineer.

I will take any means necessary to make do with objects around me.

I will compromise integrity to test engineering methods.

I can overcome any obstacle with my knowledge, skill and ability.

I have to make do with what I got because I know I will never have anything better.

When all else fails, I will go with what I feel.

Our Existence

We are an organization that is considered education, entertainment and research. We are here for the stake holder and all others indirectly involved in what we do. We are here to provide products and information to help folks in a harsh economy. We strive to be the leader in pure junk ingenuity and provide stewardship to those in need when times are hard. We are there for the folks who have limited resources and are unable to go to the Wal-Mart every time they need something. Hillbilly Engineering aint just a way of life but it is a skill set that should be added to Onet. We are, basically, an organization that encourages creativity and less spending to big corporations who make a killing off of pure junk. Whether it is basic or intermediate Hillbilly Engineering, everyone needs this skill set.


Southern Hospitality






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